Get out of jail faster! Let us bond you out.

- What we do -

Credit Only Bonding Services is providing a service to people who find themselves in jail and need assistance bonding out. Most jails across the United States do not accept debit and/or credit cards. Credit Only Bonding Services will provide that service by accepting credit/debit cards as a form of payment through our web site located in a kiosk inside the jails. Once payment is received and funds verified, Credit Only Bonding Services will place that bond amount into the jails account on behalf of the person who is bonding out. The funds that are transferred from Credit Only Bonding Services to the jail are guaranteed funds that the jail will be receiving. 

the Process.

  • Person (Joe) gets arrested for a DUI (most all offenses come with a pre-determined dollar amount for the offense committed – for a DUI we will use $1000.00 as our example)

  • Joe is taken to jail on Friday night and given a $1000.00 bail amount

  • Joe’s options at this point are using Credit Only Bonding Services, calling a bail bonding agency, or wait until Monday for court

  • Joe chooses to use Credit Only Bonding Services to get out of jail, then makes his way over to the Credit Only Bonding Service tablet

  • Information is collected from Joe on the website – his booking number (given to him at time of book in from the jail), his bond amount, personal address, personal phone number, personal email (if available), and credit/debit card number with expiration date and CCV code

  • We also notify Joe of the additional charge for our services – predetermined amount (fee differs per bail amount)

  • After information is collected, and Joe gives the ok to have the credit/debit card charged, he simply clicks submit

  • An email will then be sent to Joe, Credit Only Bonding Services, and Detentions facility informing them Joe just bonded out

  • Joe is released from custody in accordance with the facilities policies

  • We pay the jail the balance of all the bonds that were posted the day before

It is up to Joe to show up to his court date that will be provided to him by the booking staff to receive his money back (minus any court fees associated with the incident)

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